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About Us

About XCEL Hosting

We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

XCEL Hosting is part of XCEL Consultancy Ltd, a business with a strong social ethos. Our Hosting operations began in 2006, to complement our web design service.

When we got frustrated and fed up of unreliable web hosts used to host our clients’ websites, we felt the need to do something about it – that’s why, we invested in developing our own Hosting operations in 2006 and have gone from strength to strength since doing so, because of our one Core Value when it comes to Hosting – we do not oversell.

We’re also keeping an eye on the market and investing in cloud-based servers, to make sure your site loads as fast as it possibly can – after all, if your site is taking too long to show, your customers won’t stick around unfortunately.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best servers available in today’s market; we’re able to make sure we offer our clients the best user experience possible; but when things DO go wrong, we have a team of specialist support assistants waiting to put it right again as quickly as possibly (usually within minutes).

Why Choose XCEL Hosting?


We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent level of Customer Service as well as ensuring our Servers maintain maximum uptime

By using proactive monitoring technology, we’re able to identify issues before they occur to prevent any disruption to your site.


We offer a range of products to suit any requirement or budget. If none of the products on our website are suitable for you, .

In House Designers

We have in-house Web Designers on our team, so we can help you create your website as well as host it.